If Stripe has been configured in your marketplace, providers need to add their bank account details to receive money from buyers.

This is free, happens within the marketplace, takes only a few seconds, and enables payments for their listings immediately.

As an admin, you can also be a provider if you post listings, and you should add your own bank account details too.

How providers should add their bank account details

To add their bank details, providers should:

  • log in their account in your marketplace

  • from the top bar, go to their user settings

  • go to the Payments tab (this tab is visible only if admins have configured Stripe correctly from the Admin panel)

  • possibly select a Bank account (in case PayPal is enabled too)

  • fill the form to add their bank details: their legal name, their country, their address, and their bank account number (the format varies based on their country)

  • save their bank details

That's it! A success message should now be visible, and providers can now sell in your marketplace and receive money when a transaction happens.

What to do when online payments get restricted for a provider?

Sometimes stripe restricts the ability for a seller to receive online payments. If this happens, the provider needs to provide further personal information to get verified by Stripe. To do this, they simply need to go back to the Payments tab of their account settings and edit their bank details.

Is there any risk to add bank details?

No. Sharetribe doesn't store this data (it is hosted at Stripe), and providers will not be charged anything.

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