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Send emails to a group of users only
Send emails to a group of users only

How to contact your users, or a segment of your users, by email, directly from the Admin panel, using the "Send email to users" feature.

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There are many instances where you, as a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or a part, of your community. There might be important news you need to share, special offers that you want to make, or simply (but perhaps most importantly) you want to ask them for feedback on their experience on your marketplace.

If you wish to send messages to individual users, we offer a messaging feature that you can use for this. 

Sharetribe offers a way to do that directly from the Admin panel. You can find this feature on the "Emails / Compose email" page.

The feature itself is pretty straight forward:

  • select who you want to email

  • write the body

  • click Send email to users

Note that, to improve email deliverability, it isn't possible to edit the Email subject or the first row of the email the actual user's first name automatically replaces Firstname).

Remember that emails are not sent to users who have unsubscribed from all emails from admins, or accounts that have been disabled from your marketplace.

The selection part might warrant some explanation, and some example use cases:

  • All users:
    Name says it all. All users.

  • Users who are allowed to post listings:
    This segment is only available when you have enabled the option to allow only certain users to post listings. You can then send e-mail only to those users who have postings rights. 

  • Users who have posted at least one listing:
    You can use this e.g. when you want to contact all of your providers who posted a listing so far, even if the listing is now closed.

  • Users who have posted at least one listing but haven't added their payment details:
    If you are running a marketplace where you have enabled online payments, and you earn a commission, you want to contact these people to make sure that the transaction can actually take place. 

  • Users who have added their payment details but haven't posted a listing:
    Your so-called "sleeping" providers. They have gone through the trouble of setting up the payments, but something is stopping them from posting a listing.

  • Users who haven't posted a listing and haven't added their payment details:
    This group consists most likely of buyers only. There isn't much to indicate that they would be providers. Contact them to revamp their interest.

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