Welcome to Sharetribe and the Help center! This article will explain what the Get Started Guide is and link to a few articles you might find interesting! It covers the Slogan & Description, Upload a Cover photo, Add fields & filters, Set up online payments and more. Let’s get started!

What is the Get Started Guide?

The Get Started Guide is the page that meets you every time you go to your admin panel. 

The guide includes steps that will kickstart your marketplace journey and should be done when you have created your marketplace. By doing them you get an understanding of how things work and what you can do with your marketplace.

When you click on a step you will come to a page that explains what it is and from there you can go to the page that allows you to do the changes. - All of these steps can be done from your admin panel.

The guide is only a guide and not something you have to do or complete in order, you can do the steps you like, in the order you like.

The different steps

Slogan & Description 

Slogan and description is shown to all users who are not signed in, together with your cover image this is what greets new users to your site.

Slogan  - A short text to quickly tell visitors what your marketplace is about. 

Description - Tell about your value proposition, what you are providing.

This is a good time for you to be creative and in a few words tell what your marketplace concept is all about. Try to create a slogan that describe your concept and is still simple. The slogan is one of the first things a visitor see and can affect if they stay and browse or leave. Remember the slogan is seen by both potential buyers and sellers.

You can of course change this later and you definitely should if your marketplace concept changes.

You can access Slogan & Description in “Basic Settings”.

Upload a Cover photo

Cover photo - the image behind your Slogan & Description 

The cover photo comes in two sizes, 1920x450px and 1920x96 px. The 1920x450px one is shown behind the Slogan and description that shows before a user signs in (the image above). The thinner one, the “Small cover photo” 1920x96px (shown below) shows after a user has signed in.

Check out this article if you are thinking about how to get a good looking cover photo, And this one f you are wondering where to find commercially free photos, where we have listed several sites.

If you have issues uploading an image, please try to wait a few minutes and refresh the page and if no image shows try again if there was a connection issue. 

Note that even when you have uploaded an image correctly, it will show as “No file chosen”.

Add fields & filters

Fields are part of the listing. Filters are fields used in the search.

Fields are the sections you find in a listing, such as description, location or price. Some of these fields can be used as search filters. There are a few predetermined filters such as description, location and image. You can add additional fields. These fields can be a text field, a number, checkboxes, dropdown or a date.

Using a Field as a Filter is an option for some of the fields types (number, dropdown, checkbox and date). Filters are displayed on the homepage of your marketplaces and users can use them to narrow down their search.

Here you can read more about what Fields and Filters are,  how to edit them and a few examples.

Set up online payments (or disable them)

With this step you will set up online payments or learn how to disable it.

If you want to allow your users to pay and accept payments online, you will have to enable payments.

You can enable payments by adding your PayPal account or Stripe to the “Payments page in your admin panel. Here you can learn more about Stripe and setting up Stripe and here about PayPal and setting up PayPal.

In this article you can see how  to disable payments for your marketplace or create a free order type (no online transactions).

Post a listing

Post your first listing to your site!

To post a listing, click the big button in the upper right corner of the marketplace with the text “Post a new listing”. Fill in some or all of the fields and when done click “Save listing”, and you have created your very first listing!

Invite users

To have a thriving marketplace you need users. This step is an easy way to invite users. If you feel you are not ready to invite anyone yet you can skip the step for now. Alternatively, you can invite yourself with another email address.

What to do after you have followed the guide

After you have followed the Get Started Guide you might be wondering what to do next. 

You might want to get back to one of the steps and improve there, such as adding another listing field, or changing your description. But what should you do beyond that? We created this article  - What to do after the first steps just for that reason!

The article - What to do after the first steps covers a few more features and tips on what to do.

Browsing though the help center can also be a good idea. If you are looking for tips on how to really get started with your marketplace and run it check out our Marketplace Academy Guide!

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