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Whitelisting your outgoing email address with Microsoft's email services
Whitelisting your outgoing email address with Microsoft's email services

Emails sent from your marketplace can be flagged as spam. Microsoft is, in particular, quite sensitive. You can ask them to be white listed.

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Sometimes emails sent from your marketplace be considered spam. All email services hosted by Microsoft (MSN, Outlook, Live, Hotmail) are quite sensitive, especially with new domains and email addresses recently created. If you've noticed this from happening, you can ask Microsoft to be an approved sender.

Note that emails sent from have already been whitelisted even though Microsoft might still consider such communications spam based on your marketplace content.

How to submit a whitelisting request to Microsoft email services?

As the owner of an email address, Microsoft allows you to send messages to their users and submit a request to be whitelisted. If you noticed that your marketplace emails don't reach inboxes at MSN, Outlook, Live, or Hotmail, you should go through this process.

How to complete the Microsoft whitelisting request?

Here are a few details on how to complete each field:

  • Contact Name: add your name

  • What domain are you sending to?: select what is relevant for your situation

  • Contact e-mail address: add your email address

  • What domain are you sending from?: add your marketplace domain

  • How would you describe your company or yourself?: pick the most relevant choice, probably "Business"

  • Outbound IP(s) or range(s): add Emails are sent by Sharetribe's email provider from many IPs so you may want to make separate submissions or add notes to also review the following ranges:,,,,,,,,

  • Is your server dedicated or shared?: select Shared

  • Copy and paste any error messages: replace "email_address_that_did_not_receive_the_message" and "your_marketplace_custom_outgoing_email_address" with your own information and add {"notificationType":"Bounce","bounce":{"bounceType":"Transient","bounceSubType":"ContentRejected","bouncedRecipients":[{"emailAddress":"email_address_that_did_not_receive_the_message","action":"failed","status":"5.7.129","diagnosticCode":"smtp;550 5.7.129 RESOLVER.RST.RestrictedToRecipientsPermission; not authorized to send to recipient because the sender isn't on the recipient's list of senders to accept mail from"}],"reportingMTA":"dns;"},"mail":{"source":"your_marketplace_custom_outgoing_email_address","sourceArn":"arn:aws:ses:us-east-1:811006323562:identity/your_marketplace_custom_outgoing_email_address","sourceIp":""}} 

  • Provide the URL of your web site: add your marketplace address

You can then answer the security question and hit Submit.

Hopefully, Microsoft will consider your request! If not, you can contact Sharetribe's support to use a different outgoing email address, hopefully, one that will not be flagged as spam.

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