Fields and Filters together with Order type (Listing type) and Categories are what make up a listing and help users find listings they are interested in. These parts are a good way to add additional information about a listing or distinguish listings from each other.

This article explains what fields and filters are. If you wish to learn how to edit them please read this article.

What are Fields?

Fields are part of the form a seller fills out when creating a new listing and what users sees when they view a listing. Fields are sections of information on the page of a listing about the listing. The title of the listing is a field, so are all other sections such as the description, price and location.

Listing without custom field:

The fields already set

There are a set of predetermined fields when you create a marketplace.

These cannot be removed but some have a setting that can be changed.

  • Price: You can make the price a search filter so that users can filter by price
  • Expiration date: you can make it mandatory for sellers to add an expiration date when the listing will close automatically, the default is set to three months.
  • Location: You can make the location mandatory

In addition to these you can also add new fields.

How a listing might look with custom fields:


What are Filters

Filters are fields used as search parameters. Filters are displayed on the homepage of your marketplaces and users can use them to narrow down their search.

Using a Field as a Filter is an option for some of the fields types, number, dropdown, checkbox and date. 

Here you can see the difference between not having and having filters on your marketplace.

No fields used for filters:

 Different fields used for filters: 

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