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Use cases for listing fields and filters
Use cases for listing fields and filters

A few examples on how to use fields and filters in your marketplace

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Sharetribe comes with a few fields, but it can be good to add others to clearly show specific information about a listing in many cases. Fields make a listing more structured and make it easier for the user to see certain information. Using fields is also a good way to make sure the seller adds certain information about a listing.

How a listing might look with a few additional fields:

Similarly, filters can let the user narrow down the search of listings to suitable ones without using the search field.

Let’s take a few examples for what you can use fields and filters for:

Your marketplace sells second-hand clothing:

You can use the fields and filters to inform about certain characteristics of the piece of clothing being sold. The dropdown, checkbox, and number field can be used as search filters helping the user find what they are looking for on your homepage.

  • Size (dropdown field if you can predetermine sizes. number fields if there are too many to consider)

  • Colour (checkbox field)

  • Condition (dropdown field)

  • Style (dropdown field or text field)

  • Brand (dropdown field)

Your marketplace rents apartments and rooms:

By using the fields and filters, you can display information about what type of apartment or room is being listed. Many of these fields can also be good to set as search filters as users often want to decide on how many rooms to rent or they want to be sure there is a double bed.

  • Number of bedrooms (number field)

  • Number of bathrooms (number field)

  • Number of beds (number field)

  • Styles of beds (text field)

  • Property type (dropdown field)

  • Room type (dropdown field)

  • Equipment (checkbox field)

  • Amenities (checkbox field)

  • House Rules (checkbox field)

  • Cancellation policy (text field)

Your marketplace offers cleaning services

  • Experience in years (number field)

  • Previous employment (text field)

  • Cleaning tasks provided (checkbox field)

  • Time of day available (checkbox field)

  • Certificates held (checkbox field if certificates available are known, if not text field)

  • Owned equipment (checkbox field)

  • Distance ready to travel (number)

Which fields can be used as search filters?

You can use some of the provided fields as a search filter on your marketplace. These are the "Number", "Dropdown", and "Checkbox" fields. To read more about adding filters, check out this article and the section Create and edit listing filters (search filters) in it.

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