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Update subscription credit card or subscription details
Update subscription credit card or subscription details

To update your subscription credit card please contact Sharetribe support

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If you only need to update the credit card you use for your Sharetribe subscription, you can access your subscription page in our subscription platform's portal. You can change your credit card information on this page, review your billing address, and find and download your invoices. To access the page, you will need to sign up with the email you used to subscribe to the paid plan. This might not be the same as the marketplace email. It is the email to which you receive your billing information and invoices. 

If you cannot remember the subscription email address or you don't want to access your subscription page, an alternative way to change your credit card information or any other subscription details is to contact us through the messaging widget in your marketplace Admin panel or by email. We will then send an email with a secure link to your subscription email through which you can update the information.

Sharetribe never asks for credit card information to be sent in an email or message. 

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