This article covers the following:

  • What order types are
  • What order types you can have
  • How order types are displayed to the seller 
  • How order types are displayed to the buyer
  • How to use order types for only specific categories
  • How order types show in the newsletter

Please read this article on how to add, edit or delete an order type and this one about what pricing units are and how to add one.

What are order types?

Order types represent the different transaction types that your marketplace offers. They determine how the order process works on your marketplace. It can for example be renting, selling or giving.

You can decide whether your users are renting or selling, or perhaps just posting announcements and communicating via free messages. You can have as many order types as you like, which means that, for instance, you can have renting and selling in the same marketplace.

What order types can I have?

We offer a few predetermined order types but you can also create custom order types for practically anything.

The predetermined order types you can choose from are:

  • Selling products
  • Renting products
  • Offering services
  • Giving things away
  • Requesting
  • Posting announcements

You can rename the predetermined order types if you wish.

You can have one order type or several.

You can read how to change or add an order type in this article.

How order types are displayed to the seller 

To the seller, the order types are called "listing types".

The order types affect the seller's experience when they post a new listing. When a seller creates a new listing they first choose which category they list in (if you have more than one category), and then which order type to be used. If you have enabled multiple order types for the category the seller chose, he or she needs to choose one of them when posting a new listing. 

If you have enabled the price field the seller needs to add a price to their listing. If you have enabled online transactions the seller need to fill out their payment details to receive money. You can read more about enabling or disabling online transactions in this article.

How are the order types displayed on the main page?

On the main page of your marketplace, if you have enabled multiple order types in your site, user will see  "All listing types" drop down in the browse view. This dropdown lets buyers filter the listings based on the order type.


If you are using the list view, you can display the order type / listing type next to the listing. You can do this from “Settings” in your admin panel under Listing preferences by selecting “Display listing type in list view”.

Can different categories have different order types?

Yes, you can choose with which categories an order type will be used. 

By default a new order type created is used with all categories. You can change this from “Listing Categories” in the admin panel. To use an order type only with certain categories, you need to go and edit the category and deselect the order type in question.

How are order types displayed in the newsletter

If you only have one order type, the order type name will not show in the newsletter. However, if you have multiple order types the name of the order type will show in the newsletter. 


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