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How to edit static content on your marketplace
How to edit static content on your marketplace

You can edit up to four pages of static content: "About", "How it works, ”Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”.

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Static content pages are useful to help visitors learn what your marketplace is about. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are also key to your business and they deserve special attention.

Static content pages can be accessed by clicking the "About" link in the top bar of your Sharetribe Go marketplace. As an administrator, you can also access them from your admin panel, in "General / Static content".

It's a good idea to make the content of these pages unique to your marketplace business!

How to edit a static content page?

To edit a page, visit your Admin panel, then go to "General / Static content" and edit the page you want to update.

You can either use the visual editor or the HTML editor to edit the page contents. The visual editor is in use by default. On the top bar in the edit mode, you have basic text editing options.

Once you have edited a page, remember to save the changes! The save button is located on the far left upper corner of the “text edit options”.

How to make HTML changes?

To edit an HTML page, click the “<>” icon in the toolbar pf the text editor. If you are not familiar with editing in HTML, you can find a lot of instructions online. If you wish to know the basics, is a good place to start and find answers to the most common changes needed.

How to add an image to a static content page?

Visit the article "Images on static content pages" to learn how to add an image to a static content page.

How to add a video to a static content page?

Visit the article "Videos on static content pages" to learn how to add an image to a static content page.

How to add text in different languages on a multilingual marketplace?

If you use more than one language on your marketplace, you can add a version of the text on each language's pages.

To add a version for a specific language:

  • Change the marketplace language to the language you wish to edit the page in.

  • Go to the page in question and follow the instructions in the sections above, which discuss how to edit a static page.

Can I rename a page?

Currently, it’s unfortunately not possible to rename static pages. There are ways to work around this, though. On the page itself at the top, you can add a heading of your own choice. Also, if you link to the page from the top bar, you can name the link however you like.

Can I delete a page?

You can't remove a page, but you can disable it, so it does not show in your Top Bar. To do it you need to go to Admin pane l> Design > Top bar and untick the pages you want to not show in the "Show in the Top bar" section.

Can I change the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" texts?

Yes, you can and should, we encourage you to do so! To help you get started with this, we've shared some templates and tips in the "Free templates for your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and how to start using them" article. Give it a look!

Can you provide me with help writing the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" agreements?

Still, this type of legal documentation often requires quite specific clauses depending on your idea and the country you live in so it's anyway a good idea to consult a legal specialist to help you with this and give you more accurate and specific information.

You can also check the Termsfeed service to find some useful templates. You can even enjoy a 50% discount on any premium agreement TermsFeed offers!

How to add a page link to the top bar?

  1. Go to “Design > Top bar” in your Admin panel

  2. Click on the "Add a new link to menu" option

  3. Fill in the link's name and add a URL to indicate where the link will be pointing.

Internal links will open in the same browser tab, while external links will open in a new tab.

Can I add additional pages to my marketplace?

At this time, you, unfortunately, cannot add additional pages hosted on the marketplace. However, you can link to pages hosted elsewhere, for example, your blog or another website. See the previous section on how to add a link.

Can I add a blog to my marketplace?

We do not offer a blog function, but you can link to the blog of your choice.

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