Sharetribe is quite special as we do not support only one marketplace type but different ones and these can be combined in one and the same marketplace.

On our feature page we mention renting, selling and booking services as possibilities, which are the most common used marketplace types  but these are not the only ones.

For a Sharetribe marketplace you can also for example have requesting, giving away (free), posting announcements or something completely custom. You can have any marketplace type you wish as long as it is supported by our order flow - the buyer pays the seller, or there is no monetary transaction.

This means that for example reverse transactions and bidding/auction marketplaces are not supported. Some bidding marketplaces have gone around this by used the messaging or comment section for the listings but it is not an option that works for all. 

On Sharetribe you could even have more than one order type if you wanted. When you sign up for your trial you need to choose only one but can change this later from your admin panel.

Already have a marketplace and wonder how to add or change an order type? Take a look at this article about how to edit order types

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