What changes after subscribing?

What happens when you subscribe? What stays the same and what changes?

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When you are ready to move to a subscription, you can subscribe to one of our plans.

As soon as the payment is made, your subscription is active. There is no downtime, no loss of information or data. Your marketplace will stay the same.

The different plans

If you subscribe to the Hobby plan, your users will not notice the change.

If you subscribe to the Pro plan, you will get a white-label marketplace without Sharetribe branding. This change occurs automatically. 

For the Pro plan, you will be able to add your own email address in the "Emails / Custom outgoing address" page of your Admin panel. Once you have added and confirmed the address, all outgoing emails will look as if they are sent from this address.

You will also receive an email asking you for the domain you wish to use for your marketplace. Once you let us know, we will send you further instructions on how to configure it. Please note that we do not provide domain hosting. We only offer help in setting one up. You need to use a domain you own or purchase one. 

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