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At this time reverse transactions are not supported in Sharetribe Go

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Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer functionality for reverse transactions. In a Sharetribe Go marketplace, the person who creates the listing is the one who is paid. 

The only way to achieve something like the reverse transaction is for listings to work as adverts. Potential service providers can contact the person based on the advertisement with an offer, and they can agree on a price if it is not predetermined. The service provider will then have to create a listing that the person with the offer purchases. The scenario might look like this:

  • User A posts a request: "I want someone to fix my car: here are the details."

  • Users B, C, and D are car mechanics. They can fix the car, and they have their own fees.

  • Users B, C, and D send messages to User A. "I can fix your car for 50€, here is my experience", "I will fix your car for 100€, here is my experience", and "I can fix your car for 75€, here is my experience".

  • User A decides that they want to hire user D because they have the most experience.

  • User D creates a listing "Fixing a car", defines the price as 75€ according to the fee they announced, and shares the listing with user A.

  • User A buys the listing from user D.

  • User D fixes user A's car, and both users write reviews for each other.

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