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Providers and Users can review each other after a paid transaction, and you can find them all from your Admin panel.

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After each paid transaction, users can review each other. You can learn more about this feature in this article.

Reviews appear on the user's profile page, and as an admin, you can also browse, filter, and search them all from the "Transactions & Reviews / Manage reviews" page of your Admin panel.

If the review is too long, only the beginning of the review is shown in this section. If you want to see the whole review, you can visit the receiver's profile by clicking on the receiver's username.

How can I edit or delete reviews?

You can do it from the "Transactions & Reviews / Manage reviews" section of your Admin panel. At the end of the review description, there is an icon that allows you to edit the review. You can basically edit the "Grade" and the "Text" of the given reviews if someone left a wrong or abusive review. You can also add a "Grade" and "Text" to a transaction that is waiting for a review, for example, of a user forgetting to leave a review.

You can also decide to delete the review or block it. If you delete the review, the user will be able to leave another review for this transaction. If you block the review, besides deleting it, the user will not be able to leave another review for this transaction. 

Finally, you can also decide to "unskip" a review if a member has changed their mind and would like to post a review after all. 

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