A smooth and easy sign-up process can make all the difference when you’re working to grow your marketplace’s user base. 

You can allow your users to use their Google, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to sign up and log in to your Sharetribe Go marketplace. Email and password is always available.

Enable Google/Facebook/LinkedIn sign-up options

To enable such options:

  • go to the "Social media" tab of your admin panel
  • scroll down to the "Facebook Login" or "Google Sign-In" or "LinkedIn Sign In" sections
  • toggle on or off the options
  • following the instructions to add your dedicated App/Project keys
  • remember to "Save settings".

You can find specific instructions:

What happens when a third party sign up option is disabled?

The only parameter that this affects is that your users will not longer be able to see the possibility to sign up or log in with that service, via a dedicated button within the sign up or log in page. 

This only affects login and signup.

If some of your users have already sign up to the marketplace via Facebook, they will still be able to login to your marketplace. They would need to use their Google/Facebook/LinkedIn e-mail address and use the password recovery feature to create a new password. Once they have a new password they can use their username or e-mail address to connect to your marketplace. 

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