This article explains how to send individual messages to users.

Sending messages to individual users

All users can send each other messages. This can be done in two ways:

  • From the user’s profile (that they wish to contact) by clicking the “contact” button under their profile picture. OR
  • From the user’s listing through the “Contact” button to the right hand side. If a message is sent this way the listing information will be included in the message.

The message will be sent on the marketplace to the users marketplace inbox. The user will also get a notification to their email address informing them that they have received a new message.

Viewing the message received

The user can find all messages sent to them in their marketplace inbox. The inbox can be accessed from the upper right corner. If the user has unread messages there is a small notification on the profile image and on the inbox

From the inbox they can access, read and reply to the message.

-> For a new message to show the window need to be refreshed. 

Viewing messages between users

Admins have the options to see all conversations between all users from under “View conversations”. If it is a monetary transaction the conversation can be found under “View transactions”. You can read about this feature here.

Answers to FAQ

Can emails be sent through the marketplace?

It is not possible to send emails to individual users through the marketplace. To do this you would need to send it from your own email provider or email service.

You can see all users email addresses from “Manage users” in the admin panel. To get easy access to all email addressed you can export all users as a CSV file.

Can I restrict who can contact another user?

It is unfortunately not possible to restrict who can use the contact option or who can be contacted on the marketplace.

Do you support video conversations?

Video conversations are not possible only messages in text for can be sent.

Can I add a chat to the marketplace?

It is possible to add a chat that work between you (the admin) and your users. It is unfortunately not possible to add a chat that would work between users.

A chat can be added through the custom script box in your marketplace. We do unfortunately not have a chat service to recommend at this time.

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