To improve Sharetribe's services and support, Sharetribe tracks marketplace members' activity.

What kind of data is collected?

Sharetribe relies on Google Analytics to collect traffic information such as time on site, pages visited traffic source or visitor demographics.

Personal data is not collected, and this information is not shared outside the Sharetribe team.

Can it be disabled?

Yes, this tracking can be disabled entirely for all regular users. However, note that Sharetribe's analytics can't be disabled for logged in admins.

This means that any third party tracking services may still see tracking happening on your marketplace when a logged in admin browses the marketplace, even if you disable the tracking for all regular users.

To disable Sharetribe's analytics for all visitors (except admins):

  • Go to your Admin panel

  • Go to the "Analytics / Sharetribe analytics" page

  • Uncheck the "Allow Sharetribe to track members activity to improve Sharetribe's services" box

  • Save settings

That's it!

Should that be mentioned to members?

Yes. If you enable this tracking, it should be mentioned in your Terms of Use that Sharetribe collects anonymous data about marketplace members via Google Analytics. Sharetribe and Google Analytics are GDPR-compliant.

Can I track things myself, without sharing any data with Sharetribe?

Sure! You can simply set up your own Google Analytics account but still disable Sharetribe's analytics. If you disable Sharetribe analytics, you can also use Google Tag Manager with your marketplace.

You will continue to collect data, but Sharetribe will not.

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