A pro subscription (or above) allows you to whitelabel your marketplace. This removes the Sharetribe branding from the bottom of the page and allows you to customize the footer.

You can select the footer's variation, add text and social media links, and a copyright text. 

Style variations and templates

You can choose between four templates: dark, light, marketplace color, and logo. Here is how they'll look like.

Dark style

Light style

Marketplace color style (uses colors defined in Design section)

Logo (promotes the logo defined in Design section)

You can add as many links as you want to the footer by clicking the "Add a new link to footer" link. They will be laid out in order in the live footer version. You can edit the order by using the arrows to each link's right and remove links by clicking the "x" icon. 

You can also add a translation for the link text for every language enabled in your marketplace. You can even add a different link URL to every language if there are different language options in the target site. 

Some pre-determined social media logos can be added to the footer. These are: 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram 

  • YouTube

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • SoundCloud

By default, they are all disabled, but you can enable as many of these as you want by clicking the checkbox next to the social media name. You can add your specific social media page's URL, but you can also decide to add any URL. It is not limited to that specific social media. You can change the order of display by using the arrows to the right of each link. 

It is not possible to have any other social media icons, but in the future, we might enable more. 

You can add copyright text that will be displayed at the bottom of the footer.

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