If you want to add multiple tracking codes or track traffic using more advanced Google Analytics features, using a Tag Manager solution such as Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a good way to move forward.

The Sharetribe Team doesn't provide GTM support, and Go doesn't officially support it, so you may have to fix a few things along the way. For example, the default "events" sent to Google Analytics won't be recorded correctly, and you'll have to redo them yourself in your own GTM account. If you prefer to keep things simple, relying on Google Analytics is a good first step.

How to add the GTM tracking code to your Sharetribe website

You need to have a Google Tag Manager account working with a GTM Container already defined.

First, let's get your Sharetribe marketplace ready:

  • Log in to your marketplace and go to your Admin panel
  • Go to the "Analytics" section
  • Uncheck the "Allow Sharetribe to track members activity to improve Sharetribe's services" box
  • Save

Because Sharetribe uses Google Tag Manager for its own Analytics, it has to be disabled to avoid conflicts. On the contrary, this won't impact your tracking. You can learn more here.

Now let's get your GTM tracking code:

You should see the tracking codes to add to your marketplace.

Next, let's add them to your Sharetribe marketplace

  • Log in to your Sharetribe Admin panel
  • Go to the "Advanced / Custom script" section
  • Paste the two tracking codes shared on the "Install Google Tag Manager" page
  • Save

That's it! All good!

Note: Even though GTM recommends to have the two tracking codes in two different sections ("head" and "body"), having them both in the "head" via the Custom Script feature will work smoothly.

Disable the default Google Analytics integration

If you decide to link your Google Analytics account to your Google Tag Manager account and track it from there, don't forget to remove the Google Analytics ID from the Analytics section of your Sharetribe Admin panel, to avoid double tracking.

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