You can delete your marketplace while on the trial period. To do this simply go to the settings page of your admin panel. There you will find the "Delete this marketplace" button.

Just in case you clicked this button accidentally, you still need to confirm that you want to delete your marketplace. To do this, you need to type the first part of the url of your trial marketplace. If your marketplace url is, you would need to type "marketplace", as shown in the next image. 

What should I do if I already have a paid subscription and want to delete my marketplace?

If you already have an ongoing subscription, it is not possible to simply delete the marketplace. Instead you would need to cancel your subscription. Once the subscription period comes to an end and the subscription is cancelled, the marketplace is automatically closed. To cancel your subscription you can go to the subscription page in your admin panel, click on the cancel link and fill out the cancellation form or you can contact the Sharetribe support team and we will be happy to help.

Can I still recover a marketplace that has been deleted or closed?

Most likely. We don't immediately delete the stored data from closed or deleted marketplaces. If you deleted your marketplace or cancelled your subscription, but you want to give it another go, contact us and we might be able to restore it. However, please be advised that your marketplace data might have already been deleted if enough time has passed. We cannot store data forever due to GDPR regulation. 

On the other hand, if you want us to remove all your marketplace data from our database as soon as possible, please contact us. We will be happy to help. 

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