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When buying a domain from, your domain will be properly configured so we can connect it to your marketplace.

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You normally need to configure your DNS records and make your domain name point to Sharetribe servers. However, if you use any of the links to Hover in this article and purchase your domain from Hover, your DNS configuration should already be set. This article helps you buy a domain from  

We like for its good prices, free Whois Privacy protection, and excellent customer support.

This guide will show you how to purchase a domain. If you already own a domain and would like to transfer to Hover, you can use Hover's transfer service. If you already have a domain at hover and you simply want to know how to connect it to your marketplace, click here to follow the step by step DNS configuration instructions.

Search for your domain

Go to 

Type the domain you would like to use click the search button

Add to cart

If your domain is available, you should see it at the top under the "Exact match" green banner. Otherwise, you can try searching again or choosing a similar domain.

Click the + button next to the domain to add it to your cart.

Proceed to cart

The domain will be added to your cart for purchase. (in this particular example, we are using a voucher for simplicity, and the resulting price is 0, depending on your chosen domain, the prices will differ a little bit.  

Click "Proceed to cart."

Shopping cart

While in your shopping cart, you will be given some extra options to purchase, like mail options, choose the appropriate ones for your needs. 

After you have made your selections, click "Secure checkout"


In the checkout, you will be asked to create an account, provide registration information for the domain, and billing information. 

Once you have filled in this information, click "Submit order."

Domain purchased - Confirm email

That is it! You have purchased your domain. 

Check your email to confirm your domain with Hover. 

Once all those steps are completed, you don't need to make any changes to the configuration. 

Visit the "General / Domain" page on your Admin panel to check them and start using your custom domain.

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