Optimizing your marketplace pages' meta tags is important for usability and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can also learn more about SEO in your marketplace here.

How to edit meta tags in Sharetribe Go

You can edit them from your Admin panel:

  • Go to your Admin panel

  • Open the "SEO" menu then to the page you'd like to edit

  • Make your changes

  • Save

  • That's it!

Right now, you can edit the meta tags for the:

  • homepage (or Custom Landing Page if you have subscribed to the CLP add-on)

  • Search results page

  • Listing pages

  • Category pages

  • Profile pages

Why is there not "keywords" tag? Because it has been confirmed as useless for many years by Google and other search engines. You should not use it unless you need it for something very, very specific.

 You can also use variables when writing your own tags: they will be replaced with the actual value on each page:

  • {{marketplace_name}}: the marketplace name

  • {{marketplace_slogan}}: the marketplace slogan

  • {{marketplace_description}}: the marketplace description

  • {{keywords_searched}}: the keywords that were typed in the search field (if enabled/available)

  • {{location_searched}}: the location that was typed/selected in the location search field (if enabled/available)

  • {{listing_title}}: the listing title

  • {{listing_author}}: the listing title, according to the Display name preferences

  • {{listing_price}}: the listing price + pricing unit (for example "20€ per person")

  • {{category_name}}: the category name

  • {{user_display_name}}: the user display name

Not all variables are available for all pages. You can refer to the info text in the SEO pages in your Admin panel to learn more.

What are the best practices for meta tags?

The default tags are relevant for most websites, but it's always important to customize them based on your SEO strategy.

It's a good idea to write concise, relevant, and short content in these tags. Moz has great content and recommendations about this at https://moz.com/learn/seo/on-site.

Note that you can't add HTML content into your tags content.

How to see how it will look like in Google?

You can use a service such as https://metatags.io/ to see how it will look like.

What about tags for social media?

You can also customize your social media sharing details if you want to. Have a look!

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