In some marketplaces, reviewing all content before it is visible to all visitors is key to build trust. In a Sharetribe Go marketplace, you can enable a feature that allows administrators to review all new and edited listings. They can be approved or rejected.

How to enable the "Approve listings" feature

From your Sharetribe Go admin panel:

  • go to Settings
  • check the "Review all listings before they are published" checkbox
  • save the settings

VoilĂ ! All new listings or edits to existing listings will have to go through a review process by administrators.

How to review or reject new and edited listings

When that feature is enabled, providers who post a listing will have to "Submit it for review", instead of posting it immediately. Note that changes made from an administrator account are not subject to review.

After a listing has been submitted for review, administrators can review it. Administrators can find listings pending approval in the "Listings" section in the admin panel, and providers can browse all their listings from the "My listings" section of their user account.

While a listing is pending review, it isn't visible to anyone but administrators and the author.

Administrators can approve or reject the listing from two places:

  • the Listings section in the admin panel, by clicking on the status.
  • from the listing page, in the right sidebar.

If the listing is rejected, the provider is notified and the listing isn't published. However, providers can still edit it, make changes and submit it for a new review.

If the listing is approved, it is published immediately and can be viewed by all other users and visitors.

What are the notifications for administrators and providers

Two email notifications are sent:

  • one email to all administrators of the marketplace, to let them know that there is a new listing to review, with a link to that listing
  • one email to the provider after the listing has been approved or rejected, to let them know about your Team's decision
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