On your marketplace, location can be present in multiple steps and features. Location is present via:

  • the listing creation form, by asking a listing location to providers
  • the listing pages, with a map on each listing page
  • profile settings of your members, by asking them their address
  • the profile pages of your members, with a map
  • the homepage and search results page, with a map view
  • the search, with the location or keyword+location search

However your marketplace may not need these. For example if your website is about products that will always be shipped, or about services online, or about digital transactions, the location of listing or members is not relevant.

You can disable all the location feature listed above from your Admin panel:

  1. log in your Admin panel
  2. go to the Settings tab
  3. find the "Search and location preferences" section
  4. uncheck the "Allow users to add location to their profile, listings and show a map view on the search page" checkbox

And voilĂ ! All the location features will be disabled:

  • location will no longer be asked when creating a listing
  • map view will no longer be visible on listing pages
  • location will no longer be asked when editing a profile
  • map view will no longer be visible on profile pages
  • the map view will not longer be possible
  • the location search will be disabled (and the keyword search will then be enabled)
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