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Edit Hero section on Custom Landing Page
Edit Hero section on Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Page editor - Hero section

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The Hero section is perhaps the most important one on your landing page. It is the very first section that your users will see. It contains a main (hero) image, the marketplace slogan, the marketplace description, and a call to action section. The call to action section can be a button or a search bar. 

Background image

Within this section, you can choose the background image you want to add to the Hero section. To add an image, simply click on the "choose file" button and choose a file on your computer. You can also determine how the image will look; how dark the image overlay will be. You can choose between dark, light, and transparent. 

Image characteristics

The section size changes according to the different display or window sizes, so the cover photo will not look the same in all display sizes. For best results, we recommend an image size of at least 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Image overlay options

  • Dark: adds 50% darkness to the image. It is ideal for images with a lot of white or light colors. This way, the slogan, and description are visible regardless of the image.

  • Light: adds 30% darkness. It is ideal for images with a little bit darker colors, but when you still want to make sure that the text can be read.

  • Transparent: add 0 darkness to the image. This is good for images that are already using dark colors. 

Slogan and description

The hero image's slogan and description come directly from your Admin panel's "General / Essential" page. When you edit the information in your Admin panel, it automatically is updated on your landing page. Bear in mind that any update might take a few minutes to show live because of the cache. 

Call to action section

The hero section also has a call to action section. This section can be a call to action button, a search bar, or absent.

  • Default action: the options in your marketplace determine this. If your marketplace is private, there will be a call to action button to sign up. If your marketplace is public (not private), there will be a search bar instead. The search bar adapts to the search type that you have in your marketplace: keyword, location, or keyword, and location. 

  • Link: a button with a link to wherever you'd like.

  • None: not call to action

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