Lots of emails are sent from your marketplace, and for many reasons. When members create an account, whey they receive a new transaction request, to remind them to leave a review, to notify them weekly or daily about new listings... Even admins receive notifications about new members or transactions!

Because emails are a key channel to notify your marketplace members, it's important they look nice, are easily delivered, and are easy to read.

With that in mind, a new layout for emails was introduced in Sharetribe Go in late December 2019: the layout has been refreshed and they look beautiful!

Note that this feature is still in beta: it has been tested and works great, however, there may still be some small changes and fixes to come. It's important to keep in mind that the new emails haven't been translated into all languages yet.

As before, the main color for the buttons in such emails is your marketplace main color, set in your Admin panel. Your marketplace logo is also visible there if enabled.

How to enable the new layout for emails

To set live the new layouts for emails:

  • Go to your Admin panel
  • Go to the "Advanced / New feature" page
  • For the "New layout for emails" section, check the "Enabled for all" box
  • Save

That's it! All emails now automatically use the new and more modern layout.

What do they look like?

Here are a few examples.

Email address confirmation, before/after

New transaction admin notification

New payment receipt sent to sellers

Daily/weekly newsletter

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