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Edit Info - one column section on Custom Landing Page
Edit Info - one column section on Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Page editor - Info section - one column

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As its name indicates, an info section is a section where you can provide information about your marketplace. An info section can be of different types: one, two, or three columns. This article relates to the type with one column. 

The Info - one column section editor can be divided into the following parts: Section unique ID, Section content, Call-to-action button, and Background

The ID, call-to-action button, and background are features common to most sections of the landing page. Therefore we created a separate article on how to edit those. You can check it out here. This article explains how to edit the section's content.

Section content

The Info section's content - one column is perhaps the easiest to edit, but that doesn't mean that it can't be really informative and useful. The content is divided into the title and the paragraph(s).


You can write a title for the section, which will be displayed at the top and centered. The font size will be a little bit larger than the other texts on the landing page.


This is the main information that you want to display in the section. It can be a single paragraph or multiple. If you want to add multiple paragraphs, add a double space between each paragraph.

Markdown is partially supported and, because of this, some symbols and numbers might display differently than expected if added at the beginning of a paragraph. You might need to add their html code instead of the symbol itself.

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