An info section, as its name indicates, is a section where you can provide information about your marketplace. An info section can be of different types: one, two or three columns. This article relates to the sections with two and three columns. In practice, both sections work and can be edited the same way and the only difference is the number of columns displayed. If you have questions about how to edit the Info - one section, click here.

The Info - two and three columns editor can be divided in the following parts: Section unique ID, Section content, Call-to-action button and, Background

The ID, call-to-action button and background are features common to most sections of the landing page, therefore we created a separate article on how to edit those. You can check it out here. This article explains how to edit the section's content.

The content for the Info section - two and three column can be really really powerful, informative and visually stunning. The content is divided in the Main title and the columns (two or three, depending on the type of section).

Main Title

You can write a title for the section which will be displayed at the top and centered. The size of the font will be a little bit larger than the other texts in the landing page.


Depending on the type of section you will have two or three columns. Each column can have it's own icon, title, paragraph and button.

Each column can be edited independently from each other and that means that you don't need to add the same features to each column, however, the section will look better if it is consistent.


Each section can have an icon that can be used to highlight the point you are trying to make, or simply to make the section look better. By default, the color of the icon matches your marketplace main color (which can be set from the "Design / Logos & Color" tab of your Admin panel), but if you add a background image or background color to the section, the icon will instead be displayed white. 

Adding the icon requires a manual action from the Sharetribe team. Here is how to share with us the icon you would like to use:

  1. Visit this web viewer.
  2. Look for the icon you'd like to use in the "Streamline light" section. Browse by categories or search using keywords.
  3. When you find the icon you'd like to use, click on it to load its details in the sidebar.
  4. From the sidebar, click on the icon name at the top to open a new tab just for that icon.
  5. Contact the Sharetribe Team via the chat widget in your Admin panel or in this article, or email us at In this message, please let us know the icon name, the icon page URL (that you've just opened in 4.) and the location where you'd like to use it (the name of your Custom Landing Page section).
  6. We'll get the unique path for that icon ready for you and we'll share it with you shortly!


Each column can have its own independent title. This can be a single word or a phrase. 


Each column can have a paragraph section that allows you to add one or multiple paragraphs to the column.

Markdown is partially supported and, because of this, some symbols and numbers might display differently than expected if added at the beginning of a paragraph. You might need to add their html code instead of the symbol itself.

Markdown is partially supported so some symbols and numbers might display differently than expected and you might need to add their html code instead.


Each section can have it's own Call-to-action button, independent from the sections main CTA button. In practice, you can use this button to add a button that relates to what is being mentioned in the column and encourage visitors to perform an action, like "sign up", "browse listings" or "post a new listing".

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