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Edit Locations section on Custom Landing Page
Edit Locations section on Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Page editor - Locations section

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As its name indicates, a locations section is a section where you can showcase and feature different locations from your marketplace. In these sections, you can feature from three to seven locations. The section is called locations for two reasons: 

  • Because we have found that most people use it to display different locations around the world, like cities or countries, that are not necessarily part of the categories.

  • Because you can use it to point to different locations of the marketplace or the web, as you can add any link to each location. 

Each location will display an image, and in the center of the image, the text will be displayed. Here is an example of how the locations section looks with 7 locations:

Bear in mind that you have to add a specific text and a link to each image. If you want to show only categories try out the Categories section.  

The Locations editor can be divided into sections: Section unique ID, Section content, Call-to-action button, Locations to feature, and Background. 

The ID, call-to-action button, and background are features common to most sections of the landing page. Therefore we created a separate article on how to edit those. You can check it out here. This article explains how to edit the section's content and add featured categories.

Section content

The section's content can be divided into title and paragraph (and it can be argued that the locations themselves are also part of the content, but we separate them in the article to make it easier to read).


You can write a title for the section, which will be displayed at the top and centered. The font size will be a little bit larger than the other texts on the landing page.


This can be used to display additional, secondary information that didn't fit in the title. It can be a single paragraph or multiple. If you want to add multiple paragraphs, add a double space between each paragraph.

Markdown is partially supported and, because of this, some symbols and numbers might display differently than expected if added at the beginning of a paragraph. You might need to add their html code instead of the symbol itself.

Locations to feature

You can add up to seven locations to feature in this section. You must have at least three locations in this section, and each location to feature must have a background image, a text, and a link. 

You can use the icons to the right of the category selection dropdown to remove or change the display order of the locations.

Location background image

You can add the image here. To add an image, simply click on the "choose file" button and choose a file on your computer. We add some dark overlay to the image to make the Location text readable. 

The image display size depends a lot on the number of locations you decide to add, but in general, we recommend an image size of 1000 x 667 pixels. 

You must upload an image for this section to work. If you save and publish without an uploaded image, your users may face an error. To resolve the issue, upload an image to all locations, save, and re-publish.

You should add a location text and link to each location added. If you don't add a text, the image will display textless, and if you don't add a link, the image will simply redirect back to the landing page, which might be confusing for your users.

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