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Edit Video section on Custom Landing Page
Edit Video section on Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Page editor - Video section

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This is perhaps the simplest section to add and edit. You simply need to add a YouTube video ID, decide the default play option and add an optional text.

YouTube video ID

You can find the video ID from two different parts: 

  • From the video URL: It is the part of the URL after "watch?v=" so in the example below, it would be UffchBUUlol.

  • From the "Stats for nerds" menu of the video: When you right-click on the video, a menu will be displayed. From this menu, you can click on "Stats for nerds."

Once there, you will be able to find the ID in the very first row.

Autoplay options

You can decide if you want the video to start playing automatically, but muted, when loading the page or if you prefer it not to have an autoplay option.


The text added in this section will be displayed if you select the No autoplay option or when the video is paused on the landing page.

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