A map and location feature is a crucial part of a convenient experience on your marketplace website, at least if your customers and providers need to meet face to face. But it might bring along a couple of challenges.

The first is privacy. Individual providers may not want to share their specific location with everyone.

Second, you don't always want to reveal a listing location before a customer makes a payment. If users get all listing information upfront, they might be tempted to circumvent the platform and bypass your commission.

You can choose to display the specific listing location on a more general one.

How to enable general location

  1. Log in to your Admin panel

  2. Go to the "Search & Location / Location" page

  3. Check the "Display a circle instead of the exact location" checkbox

Note that to enable the general location, location features must be enabled.

And voilà! The general location of a listing is now within a radius of around 500 meters / 550 yards around the specific location. The general location is now active:

  • On a listing page: instead of a pin in the specific location, a circle of the listing's general location is shown.

  • In the listing form: an announcement is shown to your providers that their listing's exact location won’t be displayed.

  • On your marketplace home page map view: the exact location of a listing is randomized within the radius.

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