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This article describes how to enable the location search and how it works.

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What can be configured?

You can turn on the location search from your Admin panel’s "Search & Location / Search" page. Under “Search type”, you’ll find options, where you can choose keyword search, location search, or both. In order to have both keyword and location search, you have to enable the new top bar design.

When you enable the location search, a setting for the unit of length will appear. You can choose whether you want to show distance in kilometers or miles.

How does a location search affect the search results?

Listings will be sorted based on how close they are to the searched location. Any listing’s distance from the searched location will be shown in the chosen unit of length below the listing thumbnail.

How to show only nearby listings with location search

If you enable "Show only nearby listings with location search" in the "Location search settings", only close-by search results will be shown. The cut-off distance depends on what type of location was searched: specific addresses will show listings with a smaller search radius, while larger areas will show listings farther away. If you do not enable this feature, all listings in your marketplace will be shown in search results, but will still be sorted by distance from the closest to the farthest.

Searching by exact location

When searching by exact location, such as an address, everything farther away than approximately 5 km or 5 miles will be left out of the search results, depending on the unit of distance.

Searching by area

When searching by a larger area, such as a city, state or country, the search radius is defined by the area’s bounding box. A bounding box is the minimum enclosing box in which all points of the area lie.

The search radius is the distance between the coordinates of the north-east and south-west corners of the bounding box, divided by two. For example, if the distance between the corners is 50 km, the search radius for that area is 25 km. Search results within this distance from the bounding box’s center will be shown.

How does Map view work with the location search?

When the location search is used together with Map view, the map is automatically zoomed to the searched area. The search recognizes whether you wanted to search for an address, city, or country and adjusts the map zoom level accordingly. You can learn more about Map view in this article.

In Map view, if you zoom out far enough, up to 2000 listings regardless of their location will be shown, even if you have enabled the “Show only nearby listings with location search” setting.

Can I use geolocation?

At this time, geolocation is not available in Sharetribe Go. The location search and Map view are the options currently available. If geolocation is essential to your marketplace, please contact us – we’re happy to learn more about your


Can I have both keyword and location search available in the same marketplace?

Yes. You can turn on the option "Keyword and location search" Settings tab of the Admin panel. Under “Search preferences”, you’ll find a dropdown menu with the options keyword search, location search or both. Make sure you've enabled the new top bar design – otherwise the option "Keyword and location search" will not be available.

How can I change the default text displayed in the search bar?

You can change this text from your Admin panel. Go to the "Search & Location" page and edit the "Search help text" section. If both keyword and location search are enabled, the text will show in the keyword search field.

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