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This article describes how to enable the keyword search and how it works.

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How to enable the keyword search?

You can turn on the keyword search from the Admin panel’s "Search & Location / Search" page. Under “Search type”, you’ll find an option where you can choose keyword search, location search, or both. To have both keyword and location search, you have to enable the new top bar design.

What does the keyword search query?

Sharetribe's keyword search finds from the following fields (in order of preference):

  • Listing title

  • Listing description

  • Text listing field contents

  • Category of the listing

  • Location of the listing (street name, zip code, city name)

  • First and last name of the user who posted the listing

  • Username of the person who posted the listing

How are the search results sorted?

When a user performs a search, we sort the results based on their relevance to that specific search term. We use our own algorithm to decide the relevance. Listings that have the keyword in the title have more weight than listings that have it in the description, and so on.

The search box does not find only exact matches: instead finds listings that match at least partially and then sorts them by relevance. Stricter search results can be achieved with listing fields and filters.

How can I change the default text displayed in the search bar?

You can change this text from the Admin panel. Go to the "Search & Location / Search" page and edit the "Search help text" section.

Can I have both keyword and location search available in the same marketplace?

Yes. You can turn on the option "Keyword and location search" search type. Make sure you've enabled the new top bar design – otherwise, the option "Keyword and location search" will not be available.

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