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Tips to follow and answers to common questions after adding a custom domain to your marketplace.

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Once your custom domain setup is complete, you may still want to finish a few more configurations of your marketplace, so it works according to your needs and is fully white-labelled. If you still haven't configured your custom domain, you might want to do that first. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to set up your custom domain.

Your Sharetribe marketplace domain

Once you add a custom domain through your Admin panel, your previous marketplace address will still redirect automatically to this new address.

However, some features still require you to add your marketplace domain manually. If you were using those features during the trial, you would need to change the domain settings for them, so they continue to work smoothly. This may be because you specified the Sharetribe domain previously or didn't need to specify it when using the domain.

Check the domain of the following features:

The custom outgoing email address can be set as pretty much anything, but it's good to check it if you added a different one by mistake before using your custom domain. This is not mandatory, but it is good if the outgoing email address domain matches your marketplace's domain.

Sharetribe mentions and icons:

All mandatory mentions of Sharetribe are removed from your marketplace when subscribing to a white-label plan (Pro or above). However, there may be some optional mentions and images of Sharetribe still present on your marketplace. The optional mentions can be removed at any point during your trial or after. As they are not tied to any plan and can be removed at any point, they need to be removed manually. If you haven't removed them before changing your custom domain or after the custom domain setup is a good time to change them.

Elements to change:

  • Images: logos, cover pictures, social media image, and favicon, via your Admin panel> Design tab.

  • Pages of static content: About, Terms, Privacy Policy, and How It Works.

Further things to consider:

It is important to consider several further things related to your custom domain marketplace when going live:

  • Compliance with local laws (EU cookie law, website declared to authorities if necessary)

  • Search engines might take some time to index your content so even if you search for your marketplace on them, you might not find it right away.

  • Without working on your SEO strategy, you might not be on the top of the results even if users search for exact keywords.

  • If your domain is new and so is your email address, it might increase the chances of your email landing on the spam folder of users or be marked as suspicious.

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