Follow these instructions to setup your own domain for your marketplace when using 1&1 (also known as 1and1) as your registrar. You will need to configure your DNS records and make your domain name point to Sharetribe servers. Note that it may take up to 48 hours before these changes work across the internet. Also note that there are further manual steps that we need to do on our side in order to complete the setup process, so it is important for you to let us know once you have done these changes.

You can also read the official 1&1 documentation, if needed.

Please note that the following instructions only applies to marketplaces under a Pro or above subscription.

Open your 1&1 DNS settings

  1. Log in to your "1&1 Control Panel". The address depends of your country.
  2. Select your package (if you have more than one).
  3. From the left sidebar, click "Domains" from the "My Products" section.
  4. Click the arrow icon next to the domain name to display an options menu.
  5. Select "DNS" from the option menu.

Instructions for a www subdomain

Follow these instructions to set up your marketplace at a domain like If you want to use another subdomain (like, jump down a bit for instructions on how to use other subdomains.

Configure the DNS records for your www domain

  1. Find the record with "TYPE" = CNAME ,  "HOST NAME" = _domainconnect , VALUE = and delete that record
  2. From the top bar, click "Subdomains"
  3. Click "Add subdomain"
  4. Create a "www" subdomain
  5. From the top bar, go back to "DNS"
  6. Click the "Add record" button
  7. Select "CNAME"
  8. Set "Host Name" to www , "Points to" to , leave TTL to the default value
  9. Click "Save".
  10. Find the record with "TYPE" = AAAA  , "HOST NAME" = @  and delete that record
  11. Find the record with "TYPE" = A , "HOST NAME" = @ and edit that record
  12. Set "Host Name" to @ , "Points to" to , click the "Do not add DNS record for www" link
  13. Click "Save"
  14. Make sure that all changes have been saved.

Instructions for other subdomains

If you want to setup your marketplace at a subdomain like (as opposed to, follow these instructions.

Configure the DNS records for your subdomain

  1. From the top bar, click "Subdomains"
  2. Click "Add subdomain"
  3. Create your subdomain if it doesn't exist already
  4. From the top bar, go back to "DNS"
  5. Click the "Add record" button
  6. Select "CNAME"
  7. Set "Host Name" to be your subdomain, "Points to" to  , leave TTL to the default value
  8. Click "Save".
  9. Make sure that all changes have been saved.
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