You might have completed the most important steps of the customization of your marketplace, like setting up your slogan and description and your cover photo. Congrats! Here are some ideas on what to do next.

Add a logo and choose the color scheme

Perhaps you already have a logo for your business? Adding your own logo and choosing a matching color scheme makes your marketplace look a lot more like yours. Check out this article for tips on making your logo look great.

Change or add language 

Did you know you can change or add another language for your marketplace? Sharetribe supports over 10 languages and a few more that are available upon request. 

Configure the search functionality

You can configure your marketplace's search to search based on keyword, location, or both. In the same article, you can read what the search indexes. 

Configure the top bar

You can configure the top bar and add links. Easily link your blog or forum to your marketplace by adding a link to them to the top navigation bar from Admin panel -> top bar. You can also change the text of the "Post a new listing" button to reflect the type of listings you have in your marketplace.

Add listing categories

You can use categories to create a hierarchical structure to your marketplace. Currently we allow two levels of categories: top level categories and subcategories. You can add new categories from the Admin panel -> listing categories.

Configure the order flow

You can configure your marketplace to support many different use cases, including product selling, rentals, or service booking. You could even have all these types in the same marketplace. This is done through order types

Change pricing units

For the marketplace you can choose the pricing units of your choice. You can either use one of the existing ones or create a new one. You can even have an availability/booking calendar.

Update content pages

Your marketplace has four content pages: "About", "How it works", "Terms of Use" and "Privacy policy". By default, these pages are filled with standard templates. You should replace these templates with your own content. You can find the pages by selecting "About" from the top bar. You can edit each page directly in-place (there's an "edit" link on top of each page).

Connect a custom domain and email from address

To make your marketplace completely "white label" and remove all Sharetribe branding, you can start using your own custom domain and set up a custom email address for sending the automatic notification emails. These features are currently available only to the subscribers of our Pro plan or above. If you wish to make your marketplace white label, just subscribe to our paid plan, and we'll send you instructions on how to proceed.

Create a custom landing page

The landing page of your marketplace is the first thing your users see. If you wish to give them the best possible first impression, you can purchase a Custom Landing Page add-on.

...and a lot more!

You can also do things like customize the welcome email, restrict who can post listings, make your marketplace invite only, and a lot more. Sharetribe is packed with customization options, and it would take too much space to list all the options here. The best way to see what's out there is to play around with all the settings yourself. You can also find lots of tips from the articles in this help center.

For best practices on building and growing your community, check out our Practical guide on how to create an online marketplace business in our Marketplace Academy

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask - our support is here to help you out. We are here to help you with every step on your way to building a successful marketplace business. You can contact our support at any point from the "Support" link on the left-hand side of the Admin panel.

Good luck building your business!

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