Track your traffic in your Sharetribe marketplace with Google Analytics. You'll be able to browse and analyze lots of data: number of visitors, pages viewed, time spent on your marketplace, traffic sources, etc.
 To track traffic, you'll need to create a Google Analytics account and insert the Tracking ID in your marketplace settings. Google Analytics is free to use.

Create a Google Analytics account

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with a Google account or create a new one.
  3. Go to Admin from the top bar and select "Create new account".
  4. In "What would you like to track?", click "Website".
  5. In "Account Name", add your domain name, without https or www. For example: "".
  6. In "Website Name", add your full domain name, without https. For example: "
  7. In "Website URL", choose "https://" from the dropdown and add your full domain name. For example: "".
  8. For "Industry", select the most suitable option.
  9. For "Reporting Time Zone", select the most suitable option.
  10. For "Data Sharing Settings", select the most suitable option.
  11. Click "Get Tracking ID".
  12. Accept the terms.
  13. Copy or note the "Tracking ID". It looks something like "UA-12345-12".

Your Google Analytics account is now created. Next up, configure it in your marketplace to track traffic.

Configure your Google Analytics Tracking ID in your marketplace

You'll have to copy some information about your Google Analytics account to use it within your marketplace. If you haven't created a Google Analytics account yet, please follow the instructions above.

  1. Get the "Tracking ID" of your Google Analytics account related to your marketplace (see the instructions above). It looks something like "UA-12345-12".
  2. Log in your Sharetribe marketplace. You must be logged in as an administrator.
  3. Open the admin panel.
  4. Select "Analytics" from the left hand menu.
  5. Add your"Tracking ID" to the "Google Analytics tracking ID" field.
  6. Click on "Save settings".

That's it! Google Analytics is now active and set!
Traffic from your marketplace will start to appear within 24 hours in your Google Analytics account and you should already be able to view some from the Real time section in your Google Analytics account.

How to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is easy to use but can also be quite an overwhelming tool. You can learn more about Google Analytics from the official Help and Support channels at Google, or with the how to use Google Analytics guide. Google's Digital Analytics Fundamentals is also a great resource.

How to add Google Analytics events

Right now it isn't possible to add new events as this would require access to the back-end and code, which isn't available in the hosted version. Possibly you could use your own Google Tag Manager setup for an easier management of your own events! If you do, you might want to disable Sharetribe's analytics to avoid any conflicts.

Some events are already tracked in your marketplace, as soon as you've configured Google Analytics. You can view events in your Google Analytics account, in the Behavior / Events section.

Here is a list of the events tracked by default (format: description ; event category ; event action ; event label):

  • User signs up with email: user ; signed up ; normal form
  • User signs up with Facebook Connect: user ; signed up ; facebook
  • User deletes their account: user ; deleted ; by user
  • User creates a new listing: listing ; created  ; null 
  • User comments on a listing: listing ; commented ; null
  • User posts a new message in a conversation or transaction thread: message  ; sent ; null
  • Admin exports user list to CSV file: admin  ; export  ; users 
  • User go through the paid transaction flow (preauthorize, accepts, rejects, redirect to PayPal...)
  • Admin go through some onboarding steps and activities (view list)

What to do next?

You can filter spam bots in Google Analytics and track searches in your marketplace. You can also set up you Google Tag Manager and handle some more analytics and events through there.

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