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Configure marketplace Twitter handle
Configure marketplace Twitter handle

Listings on your marketplace include a Twitter share button. Here you can learn how this feature be further customised.

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Listings on Sharetribe marketplaces include a Twitter share button. You can change the default username that is mentioned in the tweets sent from this button. Users can remove or change the mention before posting their tweets.

Configure your marketplace Twitter handle

If you haven't created a Twitter account yet, you can do so at

  1. Get your Twitter handle. It's your account name without the preceding @. For example, Sharetribe's Twitter handle is "sharetribe" as the account is @sharetribe.

  2. Log in to your marketplace as an administrator.

  3. Open your Admin panel.

  4. Select "Social media / Twitter" from the left-hand menu.

  5. Add your Twitter handle to the "Twitter handle" field.

  6. Click "Save settings".

That's it! Twitter sharing should now include your username by default in your marketplace.

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