Availability calendars

Manage bookings "per hour", "per day" or "per night".

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An availability calendar lets users share the availability time of an item, location, or service. It's a way for buyers to see if the availability suits their needs quickly.

Does Sharetribe provide an availability calendar?

Yes, Sharetribe does have an availability calendar for "per day", "per night" and "per hour" rentals and services. You can read more about how availability management "per day" and "per night" works here and how availability management "per hour" works here.

Sharetribe also offers the pricing units "per day" and "per night" that displays a calendar. With this calendar, users can choose which days to book. Any date can be booked unlimited times, and dates cannot be blocked in the calendar. For the possibility to block dates, the availability management calendar needs to be used.

Alternative solutions to hourly availability

We now have an hourly availability calendar, and you can read more about it here. Still, there are also alternative solutions to using the availability calendar per hour that we offer.  Here are some examples.

Conversation between buyer and seller

When a buyer asks for an item or service, they can add an optional message. This is a great place to ask for more details about availability at certain hours. The seller can then accept or decline the request based on availability.

Use the listing description

The seller can share availability times in the listing description. The information needs to be updated whenever the availability changes.

Stripe and the calendars

If you are using Stripe in your marketplace and the seller has enabled it, buyers can't select an end date that is more than 85 days in the future. This is due to the delayed payments feature in Stripe

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