An API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to programmatically read, write and perform operations on data in a service. It is a way to connect different services and tools together. Sharetribe Go does not have an API at the moment; however, Sharetribe Flex does. 

Does Sharetribe provide an API?

Sharetribe Go does not currently provide an API. An API is planned, but we unfortunately can't provide an estimate with regards to the timetable at this point.

You may want to consider Sharetribe Flex if you're looking to build an API powered marketplace platform. As a "headless" software solution, Flex lets you create your own frontend client (such as a website or mobile app) that connects to the Flex backend via an API. This gives you extensive control over your marketplace's design and user experience without the costs of building from scratch.

You can also use the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go if you prefer hosting your own backend, and modify it to suit your needs. If you decide to start such a project, we would love to hear about it in the forum for Sharetribe's Community.

An API for sharing

We are strong advocates of APIs, and encourage all sharing services to provide one. Juho Makkonen, Sharetribe's co-founder and CEO, wrote about it on the Shareable blog.

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