Where does the search find from?

Sharetribe's keyword search finds from the following fields (in order of preference):

  • Listing title
  • Listing description
  • Text listing field contents
  • Category of the listing
  • Location of the listing (street name, zip code, city name)
  • First and last name of the user who posted the listing
  • Username of the person who posted the listing

How are the search results sorted?

When a user performs a search, we sort the results based on how relevant they are to that specific search term. We use our own algorithm to decide on the relevancy. Listings that have the keyword in the title have more weight than listings that have it in the description, etc.

The search box is not meant to find only exact matches, instead it's more like "find listings that matches at least partially and then sort by relevance". Stricter search can be achieved via listing fields and filters.

Can I use the search to find listings near a certain location?

Yes, you can turn location search on from the "Admin panel" -> "Settings" -> "Search preferences" section and check "Show only nearby listings with location search". By checking this only search results within a 5 km (3 miles) of the location will show. From there you can also choose whether you want distances to current location be displayed in miles or kilometers.

When the location search is used with the map view, the map is automatically zoomed to the correct place. The search knows whether you tried to search for a street name or a city, and adjusts the map zoom level correctly. You can learn more about the map view in this article.

In the list and grid view you can choose between two options. If you check the box "Show only nearby listings in the list and grid view when location search is used" from search preferences, the search finds only listings that would be visible on the map with the same search. If you uncheck that box, the search will find all listings from your marketplace, and simply sort them by distance. This is handy if you want to use the location search as a way to see how far the nearest listings are, no matter how far they are located.

Can I use Geolocation?

At this time we do not offer geolocation. The location search and map view are the options we offer.

How can I change the default text displayed in the search bar?

You can change this text from the "Admin panel" -> "Basic details" -> "Search help text" section.

Can I have both keyword and location search available in the same marketplace?

Yes, you can turn on the option "keyword and location search" from admin panel -> settings -> search preferences. Make sure you've enabled the new top bar design, otherwise the option "keyword and location search" will not be available.

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