Manage booking availability per day and per night

When providers post listings using "Per day" and "Per night" listings, they can define their availability.

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Sharetribe supports availability management for hourly, daily, and nightly bookings. This article is related to "per day" and "per night" options. To read more about availability "per hour" visit this article

When daily or nightly availability management is used, your providers can block or unblock dates in their listing availability settings, shown on the listing page by clicking "Edit availability".

Whenever certain dates are booked, buyers cannot book the same dates anymore unless the provider decides to reject the initial booking, in which case the dates are freed. The provider cannot block or unblock dates from their calendar if there's already a booking on those dates.

How to enable availability management?

You can enable "Per day" and "Per night" availability management by editing your order types in your Admin panel.

How can providers enable availability management in their existing listings?

If your providers have existing listings when you enable availability management, those listings will retain their old settings so that availability management won't be enabled by default.

To enable availability management, they need to edit their listing, ensure they have an order type with availability management turned on, and click save. When they do this, they should see a notification saying that availability management has been enabled.

How will automatic availability management look like to providers and customers

Customers will be see booked dates on grey background in the "From" and "To" date pickers when they're initiating a booking. Those dates cannot be selected.

When Stripe is used as the payment gateway, the end date cannot be further than today + 85 days as this is the maximum delay to hold funds.

How will transactions using availability be marked as completed

When the availability is in use, transactions will be automatically marked as completed 2 days after the end date.

What are the limits of the availability management

If availability management is in use, customers cannot make bookings for more than one year ahead. With Stripe enabled, the booking's end date cannot be later than 85 days from now.

If the provider has accepted a booking, the booked dates cannot be freed even if the booking is canceled.

Automatic availability management doesn't currently support one listing having multiple seats. For example, if you have a booking platform for shared workspaces, where up to 5 people can book the same space for the same day, you should currently not use automatic availability management. For this, you can use the pricing units per day or per night, which also offers a calendar but less functionality.

Availability management currently works only if online payments have been enabled.

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