Accessing Sharetribe Go database

You can't access the Sharetribe Go database directly, but you can ask anytime for a full backup of your Go marketplace.

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Your marketplace data is stored in Sharetribe Go's database. We work hard to keep it secure, fast, and available 24/7, letting you focus on growing your marketplace.

Can I connect to Sharetribe Go's database directly?

For security reasons, we do not allow outside connections to our database.

Does this mean I can't get my data out?

Definitely not! Your marketplace data belongs to you. You can always ask for a full export of your Sharetribe Go marketplace data.

How can I get my marketplace data?

As a paying customer, you can ask for an export of your marketplace data. The data package contains database contents (in an SQL file) and all uploaded files.

Read the instructions on how to get a full backup of your Sharetribe Go data.

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