With the Pro plan (or above), administrators can use the email address of their choice as the sender of all automatic emails sent from your marketplace.
We do not provide this email so administrators need an active email ready and active to setup this feature.

Note: this email configuration doesn't apply to trials, Starter or Hobby subscriptions.

When is the email address used?

Lots of emails are sent from your marketplace:

  • welcome email to new users,
  • daily/weekly automatic updates,
  • messages from administrators,
  • notifications during a transaction,
  • notifications about a new message,
  • notifications about new comment, and
  • notifications about new listings.

By default (and for trials, Starter and Hobby plans), those emails are sent from sharetribe@sharetribe.com. With a Pro plan or above, you can use your own address instead.

What email addresses are allowed? Are there any restrictions?

You should use an email address from the same domain than your marketplace domain. If your marketplace is www.example.com, your Custom Outgoing Email Address should preferably be something@example.com. This is important to build trust with your users and reduce risks to be considered as spam.

The email address must be active and you must be able to receive messages sent to the address.

Email addresses provided by Yahoo are not allowed as Yahoo does not allow this type of usage. AOL also restrict this usage. You should avoid Gmail, Live.com, hotmail.com and other such addresses since similar limitations might happen in the future.

Again, note that your emails can be flagged as spam by your recipients email providers and it's good to use an email address that is legit and professional.

Do I need to have access to my inbox and verify my address?

Yes. You will receive a message to your inbox from our e-mail service provider in order to verify your address. The message will come from Amazon Web Services. The e-mail address is "no-reply-aws@amazon.com".

Please note that the sender of this verification e-mail is not Sharetribe but rather Amazon Simple Email Services.

How can I add my own email address?

After your subscription to a Pro plan is validated, set up your address with the following steps:

  1. Log in your marketplace as an administrator.
  2. Open your Admin panel.
  3. Open the "Emails" tab and navigate to the "Outgoing email address" section.
  4. Enter your "Sender name" and "Sender email address".
  5. Check that the name and address are correct from the preview.
  6. Click the "Send verification email" button.
  7. You will receive an email from Amazon Web Services at the defined address. Follow the included instructions to verify your address. If the message doesn't arrive in your inbox, check your spam folder. The verification email is valid for 24 hours, and can be resent if necessary. The email will look as below:

     8. After verifying your address, refresh the "Emails" page in Sharetribe. If everything      is set up correctly, the status will change to "Verified - in use".

Setup is now complete! Future email will now be sent from your email address.

How can I edit the email address?

You can click the change sender email link below the currently configured email. You will have to verify your new address, similarly to the original process described above.

How can I edit the sender name?

You can click the change sender name link below the currently configured email. This will be activated immediately.

Can users reply to this address?

Yes, anyone who receives an automatic email from your marketplace will be able to reply to it. Your users will sometimes try to contact you via this channel, so it's a good idea to check it on a regular basis.

What to do if your messages go to the spam folder of your recipients?

Sometimes emails are flagged as spam by your users' email services. Microsoft is, in particular, quite sensitive and you can ask them to be approved as a white listed sender.

Most email services lets the user "whitelist" an email address so that future emails are sent to the inbox and not the spam folder. This option can often be found from the option menu for the email,  this is often found by "right clicking" on the email.

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