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Learn how to add videos to your "About" pages.

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In a marketplace created with Sharetribe, you can edit up to four content pages, to better describe your project and explain to your users how your marketplace works or what are your terms of use.

You can edit the content on these pages and even add pictures or videos.

Please note that this doesn't apply to listings (learn more about this here) or emails (as most email providers restrict this).

Add a YouTube video to a content page

Unfortunately, there is a known issue with YouTube videos and the text editor. We do our best to improve that feature.

Meanwhile, here is the workaround to add YouTube videos:

  1. Log in to your marketplace as an admin.

  2. Go to your Admin panel, then "General > Static content".

  3. Edit the page you want to update.

  4. In the toolbar, click on <> ("Edit the HTML content") to load your content in HTML, a more technical view.

  5. Go to the YouTube page of the video you'd like to embed.

  6. Click "Share" then "Embed".

  7. Click the "Enable privacy-enhanced mode." option. This is important so that your website is compliant with cookie regulations.

  8. You can change the video size and other settings.

  9. Copy the code displayed (it starts with "<iframe...").

  10. Go back to your content page with the HTML content displayed.

  11. Look for the place where, among your text, you'd like to add your video. Add a new line.

  12. Paste the code you copied from YouTube.

  13. Click "Save and Replace". Your video should be embedded.

  14. You can center the video and/or add more content. When your content is good to go, click "Save" in the upper left corner.

That's it! Your Youtube video is now available on your content page!

Add videos from other services (Vimeo, Wistia...)

If you want to add videos from other services, they must provide an embed code.
Follow the instructions above by adding your provider's embed code instead of YouTube's: it works with Vimeo, Wistia, and tons of other providers!

Make sure to use privacy-enhanced players or to notify your visitors if you use a player that sets a cookie on their device.

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