With a Pro subscription or above, marketplace administrators have the option to use a white-label marketplace with its own domain name,  your own URL instead of the Sharetribe domain.

To use your own domain, you will have to change some DNS records with your registrar (the place where you bought your domain). The process for each registrar is different. We have provided instructions for the most popular domain registrars below. If yours is not listed, please follow the generic instructions or contact Sharetribe support to help set everything up.

Once configured, it can take up to 48 hours before the domain name starts working for everyone. You can track the progress and your domain's DNS settings with What's My DNS.

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that there are further manual steps that we need to do on our side, once these changes have been done successfully, in order to complete the setup process, so it is important for you to let us know once you have done these changes.

Please note that the following instructions only applies to marketplaces with a Pro or above subscription.


  • Domain name: The part of an internet address that precedes .com, .net, etc. For example, in www.yourdomain.com, yourdomain.com is the domain name.
  • Subdomain: The part of an internet address before the domain name. For example, in www.yourdomain.com, www is the subdomain. A subdomain can be almost anything, not only www.
  • DNS: The Domain Name System is the naming system used on the internet which tells which server a domain name should point to.
  • Domain registrar: The company from which your domain is bought. The registrar also keeps records about what server(s) a domain points to. Changes to these records need to be made through your registrar.

General image (it may differ for different providers)

The actual field names and input system may differ for each Domain registrar or provider, but in general your DNS records should end up looking something like this:

Instructions for different registrars

If your registrar is not listed below, you can try following the generic instructions.

Didn't find your registar? Try following the generic instructions instead.

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