When you set up Google Analytics in your marketplace, you can anonymously track visitors and understand how people find your marketplace. At times, you'll notice some strange pages as referrers in traffic reports.

Spam referral bots in Google Analytics

Your marketplace is available to the whole world: to real users, search engine ranking tools, and, unfortunately, spam robots. These spam robots appear in traffic reports and clutter them up unnecessarily. The best way to fix this is to filter out known spam domains.

The most common domains for bots, crawlers, or ghost referrals are:

  • semalt

  • darodar

  • ilovevitaly

  • cenoval

  • free-share-buttons.com

  • pornhub-forum.ga

  • youporn-forum.ga

  • buy-cheap-online.info 

  • secret.google.com 

  • youporn-forum.uni.m

Visiting these addresses is not a good idea as they might contain potentially dangerous code!

How to filter spam traffic

Follow the instructions in Google's guide on how to filter out spam traffic. Creating filters in Google Analytics is another good idea. Do note that spammers constantly use new domains, which means that you will have to update or add filters regularly.

Remember that you can also set up your Google Tag Manager in your marketplace, which can help you with analytics.

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