Using Google Analytics, you can track what keywords people search for in your marketplace. This can be useful to learn more about your users' behavior and see if there is a demand for something that your marketplace doesn't offer.

How to track search terms using Google Analytics

Before you proceed, make sure that you've created a Google Analytics account and have set it up for your marketplace. Once that's done, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics at

  2. Open the account that you created for your marketplace.

  3. From the bottom left, select "Admin".

  4. In the "View" column (the third one, on the right), select the view where your want to track searches (you may have only one view).

  5. Select "View Settings" in that column.

  6. In the "Site Search Settings" part, switch "Site search Tracking" to "On".

  7. In the "Query parameter" field, add "q" (just the letter). If you use the Location Search feature, you can also track them by adding a second query parameter "lq" (you should add a "," between the two parameters, like "q,lq").

  8. Check the "Strip query parameters out of URL" checkbox.

  9. If you are using categories in your marketplace, you can also enable "Site search categories" and add category in the "Category parameter" field. You can also strip the query parameter.

  10. Save your settings.

It might take up to 24 hours before Google Analytics shows any results. You can find the search results from the "Behavior / Site Search / Overview" report. You can learn more details about that setup on Google Help pages.

Keep in mind that, in the Admin panel, there are also search fields (for example, to search for users, transactions, ...). They use the same query parameter: q. To filter out your own queries done within the Admin panel, you should use the Google Analytics filters or create a segment in Google Analytics that excludes pages within the URL.

Remember that you can always use Google Tag Manager to setup analytics in your marketplace.

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