Enable PayPal micropayment fees

If your marketplace processes small amounts for each transaction, micropayments can help to decrease the payment fees charged by PayPal.

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If your PayPal account's average transaction size (from, e.g., commissions) is small, enabling micropayment fees for your PayPal account might decrease the overall fees that PayPal charges for each transaction.

Micropayment vs. normal PayPal fees

When micropayment fees are enabled for your PayPal account, the fixed fee per transaction is reduced, and the percentage fee is increased to 5% (4.99% in the USA). Depending on your average commission size, it might make sense to enable micropayments for your PayPal account. Generally, when your average transaction size is $10 or less, enabling micropayment fees might make sense.

Enabling micropayment fees for your PayPal account

It is important to note that when your PayPal account is configured for micropayments, it is applied to all your PayPal transactions. One account can't be configured for both micropayments and standard payments.

To enable micropayment fees, contact PayPal support.

How much are the PayPal micropayment fees?

When micropayment fees are enabled, PayPal charges 5% (4.99% in the USA) + a small fixed fee per transaction. See the fixed fees for different currencies from the table below:

  • ARS: 0.15

  • AUD: 0.05

  • BRL: 0.1

  • CAD: 0.05

  • CHF: 0.09

  • CNY: 0

  • CZK: 1.67

  • DKK: 0.43

  • EUR: 0.05

  • GBP: 0.05

  • HKD: 0.39

  • HUF: 15

  • ILS: 0.2

  • JPY: 7

  • MXN: 0.55

  • MYR: 0.2

  • NOK: 0.47

  • NZD: 0.08

  • PHP: 2.5

  • PLN: 0.23

  • RUB: 2

  • SEK: 0.54

  • SGD: 0.08

  • THB: 1.8

  • TWD: 2

  • USD: 0.09

Can you show me an example fee?

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