Projects evolve, and sometimes it makes sense to change your marketplace address even if you have already connected another previously. This article concerns existing Pro (or above) subscriptions.

What is the process to use a different domain for your marketplace?

You should contact us and let us know which new domain you would like to use. We'll share some instructions with you on how to change your domain. As with your initial domain setup, you need to make changes to your DNS records.

It can take up to 48 hours to make the change, but the setup won't lead to any downtime for your users.

The old address will redirect automatically to your new one as long as it points to our servers.

What are the fees for this change?

This change is free of charge.

What if I'm on the free trial or the Hobby plan?

If you are on the free trial or the Hobby plan, it is not possible to connect a custom domain to your marketplace. However, you can change your Sharetribe subdomain! Go to the Domain tab of you admin panel, write your new subdomain to the text field and save. The platform will tell you automatically whether that subdomain is available.

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