In order to be notified about new listings in your marketplace, your users can receive a daily or weekly newsletter.

How to enable or disable this automatic newsletter?

From your admin panel, in the Settings tab, you can chose to enable or disable this feature, in the "Email preferences" section.
If this feature is disabled, the automatic won't be sent to anyone.
If it is enabled you can choose for it to be sent daily or weekly.

How to change the default frequency of this email?

From your admin panel, in the Settings tab, you can define the default frequency that will be applied to new users, in the "Email preferences" section.
This only applies if the feature is enabled.

Note that users can change this frequency from their own settings.

What happens if a user selects a different newsletter frequency than the admin?

Users can also choose the frequency on which they want to receive newsletters. This frequency (of the user) is prioritized to the one that admin selects. This means that even if the admin selects a different frequency, the user's selected frequency prevails.

Note that if the feature is disabled by the admin, the user would not be able to receive any newsletter, regardless of what frequency they select.

What is included in the newsletter?

In the newsletter the new listings created since last letter was sent are included. Maximum 10 listings are displayed.

If you have selected "show in newsletter" for a listing it will also be included to show once for each user.

Can users unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Yes, from their user settings they can opt-out from this newsletter.

Who is the sender of this automatic message?

If you have subscribed to a Pro plan or above at Sharetribe then the sender will be the email defined as your outgoing email address.
With other plans or with a trial the message is sent from

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